Our future is rooted in growing our understanding of agricultural and environmental sciences. Discover how CAES is working to feed the world, protect the environment and innovate industry.

"I became an advocate for diversity not as an initiative, but diversity as a way of life, and that is what we need in order to address the issues that we’re trying to address in agriculture."

James Anderson, agricultural leadership, education and communication graduate coordinator

"I used to think of education as the way to enlighten your mind. UGA made me believe that your mind can change the world."

Samikshya Rijal, plant breeding, genetics and genomics doctoral student

"Helping and teaching people to help themselves was everything to me. It is beyond rewarding."

Leslie Weaver Thomas, Chatham County Family and Consumer Sciences agent

"That was probably one of the coolest things that I’ve gotten to do, to be able to use my poultry science and entomology degrees in combination with my Navy training."

Toby Palmer, entomology and poultry science alumnus

"My advice would be to work for companies that have values: integrity, innovation and a commitment to excellence."

Caroline Hofland, president and CEO of CBH International

"The greatest value of my CAES degree has been opening my eyes to different perspectives and seeing the world differently."

Kaitlin McNally, policy and project coordinator at the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication

"To me, I think I've done my job if you can teach what I've taught you to somebody else."

Nick Fuhrman, who instructs agricultural education course Teaching with Animals


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